You are about to download the LG K42 LMK420HM file on your computer. The file comes as a zip package and the file size is approximately 3.3GB only. It was uploaded on November 26, 2022. It was uploaded by the registered moderator, or get the link on the internet.

Package Statistics
Models:   LG K42 LMK420HM  
Version:LG K42 LMK420HM K420HM20A 00_AMX1 SCA_OP_1027_CAD_11_KDZ.zip
Uploaded on:November 26, 2022
Last Updated:February 22, 2023
Compatibility:Compatible with Windows Computer

File Name:LG K42 LMK420HM
File Size:3.3GB
File Type:application/x-zip-compressed
File extension:Rar
Download Type:Free Premium Fast Download
Virus Status:Scanned Clean by ClamAV & Sophos
  • FileAction
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_05 AMX1_SCA_OP_0827_CMC.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_05 AMX1_SCA_OP_0827_CAD.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_04 AMX1_SCA_OP_0722_CAD.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00 COM2_SCA_OP_1023_TFH.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00 COM2_SCA_OP_1023_PER.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00 COM2_SCA_OP_1023_CHL.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00 COM2_SCA_OP_1023_ARG.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00 AMX1_SCA_OP_1027_CLA.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00 AMX1_SCA_OP_1027_CAO.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20a_00_AMX1 SCA_OP_1027_CAD_CAO_CLA.rarDownload
    LG_K42_LMK420HM_K420HM20A_00 AMX1_SCA_OP_1027_CAD_11_KDZ.rarDownload
    LG_K42_K420HM_K420HM20a_01 AMX1_SCA_OP_0110_CAD_11_KDZ.rarDownload

  • Note:

    [*] Take a Backup: If you are going to flash the above Firmware on your   LG K42 LMK420HM   device, then take a backup of everything as because your personal data will be deleted after flashing the stock firmware.


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