Empire of Crime APK v0.6.0 (Latest)

Build your own clan and develop your city to eliminate rival clans.
You have returned to your city after five years in prison, only to realize it has landed in the hands of the enemy clan. Abandoned by your clan, you vow to build a new one by gathering your loyal associates. Your underworld legacy begins now!

Conquer Street Lots
It’s time to play by your rules!
Take over your enemies’ street lots, and seize their properties and resources to become the city’s crime lord.

Underworld Legends
Criminals wanted!
Recruit underground fighters, notorious bikers, and merciless gunmen to help build your underworld empire!

City of Crime
Wealth belongs to those who deserve it.
Join massive battles, invade other players’ cities, and loot their resources to expand your city.

Power of Clans
Mess with me, and you’ll never again see the light of day!
Set up your own Alliance and invite other clans to join. Fight against other regions’ Alliances and show them who’s boss!

Beautiful Companions
Nothing beats having babes for company!
Date and interact with pretty ladies at your private mansion and impress them with your charm.

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