How to Use Phoenixsuit Tool

How to upload ROM to your phone using a computer (applies to cases where the device hangs the logo and cannot access the main screen to upload with a memory card)

Note: This method is only for those who are familiar with the phone, have up ROM of other product lines or know the sequence of steps. Those who do not understand what is below it is best not to follow but take the machine to the place where you buy it for warranty, to avoid making mistakes that lead to irreparable damage.

Step 1: Download the IMG Firmware version of the phone and the software (tool) to update it by your computer:

– Link to download PhoenixSuit to install on your computer: Please download

– Download and install Usb Driver for computers.

Step 2: Connect your phone to the computer and use PhoenixSuit to flash the firmware

– Extract the 2 files (Driver and PhoenixSuit) downloaded in step 1 to your computer, then open the PhoenixSuit software. Select “Firmware“, then click on “Image” the path to where you have saved the downloaded firmware.

+ Connect your phone to a computer.

+ At this time on the computer you will see the computer connected and automatically installed the Driver on your computer. At the same time, on PhoenixSuit, you will see the connected message.

– Here you click Yes

– The Flash Firmware process will start, while the device is updating the Firmware, you must not unplug the connection cable between Your phone and the computer nor turn off PhoenixSuit or turn off the computer, otherwise the device will be unusable by brick. Also, be careful and keep this in mind.

– After flashing the Firmware, PhoenixSuit will notify the successful update. You wait for a while for the machine to automatically restart, the first time to boot after updating the Firmware will be a little longer than usual, please wait!

– So we have completed the Flash Firmware of the phone with a tool on the computer, this method applies to cases where the device hangs the logo and you can not update the firmware with the interface.