Howto use RockChip Batch Tool (RC)

Step-by-step installation guide to flash new firmware

I. What you need:

1. Rockchip Batch Tools – Extract with 7zip (on desktop for example) – Get it from HERE.

2. A workable flash image – Use the original 20160315 firmware, make sure you extract the archive and put is somewhere you can find it later.

II. Steps:

  • Connect your USB2USB cable to your PC.
  • Unplug EVERYTHING from your phone. You could leave ONLY your HDMI cable plugged into your phone.
  • Flip your phone over and insert a paperclip or a toothpick into the reset hole (a tiny hole in the bottom of the phone) and hold it in.
  • Connect your USB2USB cable into the phone USB/OTG USB slot.
  • Now if you did everything as I specified, you will hear a “ti-ding” sound on your PC and if you open your Device Manager you will see a “Android ADB Interface”.

III. Here, follows detail guide flashing steps:

  1. Open the Rockchip Batch Tool executable extracted on your desktop.
  2. Click the “…” option at “FW Path:” and choose the firmware you downloaded and extracted. (In this case “update_zx_20160309.img”) The program will say “Loading firmware” and after a while “Loading firmware Finished.”

Click on “Upgrade” and you will see the green “Connected Devices” start flashing yellow and some stuff happens in the center of the screen.

Once completed, the program will show a green line in the display with the words “Upgrade Done Success”. The “Connected Devices will turn grey and the Z68 will start initializing.

I hope you find this helpful. If you get a failure of any kind, check your steps. If the driver fails, use the DriverAssistant Tool, uninstall the driver and re-install. Start all over again.

kind regards