Huawei MT7-CL00_Huawei Ascend-Mate7-Telecom Edition firmware MT7-CL00V100R001C92B133_China(China)_4.4.2

Hello! You are about to download the Huawei MT7-CL00_Huawei Ascend-Mate7-Telecom Edition firmware MT7-CL00V100R001C92B133_China(China)_4.4.2 firmware Rom file.

On this package comes in a contains Flash File, Flash Tool, USB Driver, and How-to Flash Manual.

Info Rom:

Download Huawei Stock firmware rom for China device
  • Model Device: Huawei MT7-CL00
  • Region: (China)
  • Android version: _4.4.2
  • Firmware No.: Huawei Ascend-Mate7-Telecom Edition firmware MT7-CL00V100R001C92B133_China(China)
  • Language: China + Eng
  • Pass File:


Download tools, usb drive for Huawei MT7-CL00 smartphone and follow detailed howto flash rom with link below:


* Do not try to use Rom to another machine

* Backup all data Means, Create A Copy files of Contacts, Image, Video, Music and All Other Your Personal Document.
When the run flashing process the Flash tool of erases the data before start the flashing.

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